Welcome to issue #14, January 2 2017

This is first issue in 2017, we wish you many great achievements in your life and we are looking forward for a lot of exiting news from Google Cloud Platform in this year


Stackdriver Trace + Zipkin: distributed tracing and performance analysis for everyone

Top 16 Announcements of 2016 from official Google Cloud Platform Blog

Dataflow and open source - proposal to join the Apache Incubator

Top 5 Power Features of the Google Cloud CLI

Announcing the Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Stackdriver Trace for App Engine is GA; app latency has nowhere to hide

Google Cloud Dataproc managed Spark and Hadoop service now GA

Diagnose problems in your production apps faster with Google Cloud Debugger

Custom Machine Types goes GA, saving you up to 50% on compute costs

Google Cloud Datastore simplifies pricing, cuts cost dramatically for most use-cases

Introducing Google Stackdriver: unified monitoring and logging for GCP and AWS

Google Cloud Launcher simplifies running third party apps in the cloud

New Google Cloud Platform Education Grants offer free credits to students

Save money, improve performance with new VM Rightsizing Recommendations

gRPC: a true internet-scale RPC framework is now 1.0 and ready for production deployments

Cloud SQL Second Generation performance and feature deep dive

Announcing GPUs for Google Cloud Platform

Announcing new Google Cloud Client Libraries for four key services


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