Welcome to issue #12, December 19 2016


Announcing new Google Cloud Client Libraries for four key services - client libraries for BigQuery, Datastore, Stackdriver Logging and Storage

Building scalable private services with Internal Load Balancing - Internal (not exposed to the internet) Load Balancers on Compute Engine for internal instances are now Generally Available

Apigee vs Google Cloud Endpoints and Apigee Edge vs ESP - Dan Ciruli, PM of Endpoints, explains what recent acquisition of Apigee means to Google Cloud Endpoints and customers  

Google partners with Improbable to support next generation of video games

Google joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation


Articles, Tutorials

Google BigQuery public datasets now include Stack Overflow Q&A - Rich Stack Overflow data can be used to analyze with BigQuery

Deploy an ASP.NET Core app to App Engine - codelab to deploy ASP.NET webapp to Google App Engine Flexible

Data Driven Decisions Using PyPI Download Statistics - using BigQuery to analyze PyPI (Python Package Index)

Paying it Forward — How BigQuery’s Data Ingest Breaks Tech Norms - description of BigQuery data ingest

How to train and classify images using Google Cloud Machine Learning and Cloud Dataflow

Migrating from Java, Spring, MySQL on AWS to Node.js, Restify, Firebase on GCP

Local Django on Kubernetes with Minikube

GCP podcast, episode 56 - in latest episode hosts review personal favorite moments in 2016 regarding GCP


Videos, Slides

Making Magic in the Cloud with Node.js at Google

Big Data with Google Cloud and Dataflow

Google Cloud: IAM and Organization Node


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