Build highly available services with general availability of Regional Managed Instance Groups - Quicker deployment, lower latency and more reliable applications on Google Compute Engine with Regional Managed Instance Groups

Red Hat’s OpenShift Dedicated now generally available on Google Cloud

Segment + Google BigQuery: The Easiest Way to Get Started with SQL - Select is company which provides different kind of integrations between web, mobile apps and third party tools


Articles, Tutorials

Analyzing NYC Biking Data with Google BigQuery - getting insights from 33 million number of bike rides

A top-10 list of Google BigQuery user experiences in 2016 - nice list of articles describing projects which used BigQuery

Google hardware challenges in the cloud - Interview with Bart Sano, Google vice president of platforms

BigQuery and R - Automating Marketing

Real-time streaming predictions using Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Machine Learning

Searching for list bullets with BigQuery and Dataflow

Automatic deployments of your Go app to Google App Engine with CircleCI

Alphabet Inc's Google Cloud Platform to see Market Share Soar by 2020


Videos, Slides


Introduction to Apache Beam & No Shard Left Behind: APIs for Massive Parallel Efficiency

k8s / OpenShift / GKE

Facebook login with GAE Node.js Part 1 & Part 2


Questions, Problems

How to use multiple SSL certificates with Google Load Balancer?

How to set and receive entity data in Google Datastore using Node

Removing an ancestor path from an entity

Datastore: composite index not recognised

How to retrieve the complete key from the returned object of an ancestor query in google datastore?

Connecting to CloudSQL from App Engine (Second Generation CloudSQL) GO

Is it possible to recover overwritten data in BigQuery

How do I list tables in Google BigQuery that match a certain name?


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