Welcome to issue #10, December 5 2016


One PowerShell cmdlet to manage both Windows and Linux resources — no kidding! - support for Windows is not slowing down

Making every (leap) second count with our new public NTP servers

IBM’s software catalog now eligible to run on Google Cloud - if you have some IBM software, you can run it now on GCP


Articles, Tutorials

How Google is Challenging AWS 

Reflections on Google App Engine Flexible going Beta

​Pass Google Application Default Credentials to Docker

Comparing the geographical coverage of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud - Google have bold plan for next year regarding building datacenters, will see how situation will be in one year

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Pricing: Compute Instances - yet another try to compare pricing & instances


Videos, Slides

Serverless Data Architecture at scale on Google Cloud Platform  

Cloud Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform

Building Software at Scale: At Google, Google Cloud Plaform and Beyond

CI/CD with Kubernetes, Helm & Wercker 

Google Cloud Machine Learning Devoxx Belgium 2016  Keynote

Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Google’s BigQuery and Cloud Vision API, here are slides

Kubernetes Deepdive part 1, part 2, part 3

GCP Podcast #54 - this time about APIs


Questions, Problems

Does the GAE Search API support partial or prefix searches?

Connecting to CloudSQL from App Engine (Second Generation CloudSQL) GO

Cannot view Compute Engine Instances Google App Engine

BigQuery - reference results from subquery in another part of the same query

BigQuery Table Decorators with Standard SQL


Latest Issues


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